1. If the industry is already registered with TS-iPASS please do not create duplicate login.
2. If duplicate login is created your application will not be processed and fee paid will not be refunded or transferred to old login.
3. If the required approvals are not shown in old login, please raise help desk from old login to provide option to apply for required approvals.
4. If you forgot username/password of old login, click on “FORGOT PASSWORD” if you know USERNAME , if you forgot both please click on “PROVIDE USERNAME AND PASSWORD” and enter the details required, Username and Password will be sent to the mobile number and email registered with the old login.
5. For expansion of existing industry please take new login
6. Please select the correct options while answering questionnaire as the approvals required will be shown as per the options selected.
7. Please upload correct documents for “COMMON ATTACHMENTS”
8. Before proceeding to file Common Application Form, while choosing the approvals if you select approvals as “ALREADY OBTAINED”, please upload the correct document if irrelevant documents are uploaded the application will not be processed.
9. For amendments to the approvals which are already obtained please contact the concerned department.
10. For any assistance, please contact CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER 040 23441636
I have read all the above conditions and I am not violating the procedure.*