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Telangana State Hon'ble Chief Minister Sri.K. Chandrasekar Rao has launched Telangana Industrial Policies  |  Hon'ble Chief Minister Sri.K. Chandrasekar Rao has launched TS-iPASS

The Telangana Government has enacted the “Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPASS) Act, 2014” (Act No.3 of 2014) for speedy processing of applications for issue of various clearances required for setting up of industries at a single point based on the self-certificate provided by the entrepreneur and also to create investor friendly environment in the State of Telangana.

S.NoYearNo Of IndustriesTotal Investments (Rs Crores)Total EmploymentManufacturingService
1 2014-20151741806.00505142862321200000
2 2015-2016153628990.00944544837641051582600000
3 2016-2017171034484.0098794841635256314644010513
4 2017-2018281557439.002745641337958441263515592231827
5 2018-2019282734835.00604804148085642661915998124550
6 2019-2020309940620.0031730617398384277252039671328